BBC Burmese extends its programming, somehow, to cover the Burmese election.

Posted: 03 Nov 2010   Print   Send a link
BBC World Service press release, 1 Nov 2010: "As Burma prepares to hold elections that should form part of the country's transition from military rule to democracy, BBC Burmese has further strengthened its news teams and extended its programming to provide audiences with comprehensive and in-depth coverage. Between Sunday 7 and Wednesday 10 November, the service will add original programming, focusing on the elections, to its daily broadcasts. To deliver this special output, BBC Burmese has reinforced the team at its Bangkok bureau with two extra journalists. ... Between 7 and 10 November, BBC Burmese will broadcast two half-hour and one 45-minute programme a day, presented from the London and Bangkok studios of the BBC. The radio programming is broadcast on shortwave and on PAS10 and Palapa satellite television channels, and streamed on the BBC Burmese website." -- BBC Burmese already broadcasts "two half-hour and one 45-minute programme a day," so perhaps the addition of "original programming," i.e. fewer repeats, is the difference., 2 Nov 2010, Rachel McAthy: "Last month reported that foreign journalists will not be allowed into Burma to report on the country's first election in 20 years. In response, BBC Burmese will use its network of regional correspondents and stringers to inform its Burmese audiences and assist the BBC's international news services."