Cheer, jeer for Alhurra.

Posted: 18 Sep 2010   Print   Send a link
AOL News, 16 Sept 2010, J.D. Gordon: "Like in America, there are distinctions in Arab media. Some do it better than others. Notable is Al Arabiya, a world-class TV network that strives for accuracy and balance. For its fairness and objectivity, it was duly rewarded with the first media interview given by President Barack Obama just days after his inauguration. Al-Hurra, 'the free one,' also is commendable in getting the facts to the Arab street."

OpEdNews, 8 Sept 2010, Jim Miles, reviewing Philip Seib, Toward a New Public Diplomacy - Redirecting U.S. Foreign Policy: "In chapter three, 'The Lessons of Al Hurra Television,' the U.S. sponsored Arab language TV station, the general commentary is on its failure. Within the discussion is the statement that the station 'may have further strengthened perceptions, of the United States as an arrogant, disrespectful and bullying nation.'"

At the Aspen Institute event Digital Statecraft: Media, Broadcasting, and the Internet as Instruments of Public Diplomacy in the Middle East, 15 Sept 2010 in Washington (video available), one of the questions from the audience also posited the failure of Alhurra. One of the speakers, Eli Khoury, responded with a mixed assessment of Alhurra.

I have seen recent data showing Alhurra and Radio Sawa to have a respectably large audience in a major Arab nation. The BBG, however, won't let me share the details, as they are from "non-public" documents.