Pakistan cable operators ordered to shut off Indian and other foreign channels, including BBC, CNN, CCTV, AJE.

Posted: 29 Aug 2010

The Times of India, 28 August 2010, Omer Farooq Khan: "In move that blocks the information highway across Pakistan and comes as a rude shock to the people, Pakistan's supreme court on Friday directed the electronic media regulatory authority to stop all cable operators from airing TV channels without landing rights in Pakistan. The stations off air as a result are predominantly Indian news, entertainment and sports channels, as also a clutch of other foreign and local entertainment, sports and religious networks. ... The channels no longer on view are Times Now, BBC, CNN, Sony, Euro News, Star Plus, CCTV 9, IQRA, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera (English) apart from a host of others. ... Abdul Jabbar, PEMRA's executive member, said they are not targeting Indian channels but banning all unregistered channels. He also said, 'There's outrage against blackout of Indian channels because they are very popular here.'"

All Headline News, 28 August 2010: "The chief justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, said PEMRA should take swift action against all private channels not paying broadcasting license fees to the country. Unconfirmed media reports said the move, initiated by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, was aimed at blacking out Indian channels."

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