Arguments for keeping the VOA Greenville shortwave site on the air.

Posted: 28 Aug 2010

As the LBA Antenna Turns, 16 August 2010, Chris Horne: "The phrase Voice of America (VOA) has always stood for a strong, powerful American broadcasting entity. The United States government intended the Voice of America to provide hope to people around the world and to counteract the propaganda espoused by America’s enemies in war conflicts. In the mid 1990s the federal government began closing or consolidating some large VOA broadcasting facilities. The federal government would like to close VOA site B in Greenville, NC. I hope they choose not to for some several reasons. ... The VOA may be old by some standards but it is new to those who cherish the iron clad tube technology and massive antennas as well as those who rely on shortwave for critical and sometimes life-saving information. Let us not forget, telephone, cell towers and the related internet infrastructure is vulnerable during emergencies and disasters and the VOA’s former cold war technology is always reliable." With photos. -- Anyone familiar with the variable nature of shortwave propagation knows that it is not "always reliable." But shortwave does have the advantage of not relying on landlines or cell relays in areas affected by disasters, wars, or dictators. See previous post about same subject.

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