In Cuba, "they even censor Telesur."

Posted: 26 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Havana Times, 24 August 2010: "HT reader Julio de la Yncera and HT writer Erasmo Calzadilla —both Cubans— live on opposite sides of the Florida Straight. ... Julio de la Yncera: I find it anti-democratic that the press and information in Cuba is totally controlled by the Cuban government. Does it seem fair to you that the Cuban regime monopolizes the means of information dissemination? Erasmo Calzadilla: No, of course not. I don’t find it fair that someone controls the information that another person consumes. What’s most comical is that they even censor Telesur, which is produced by the same friends of the 'Revolution.' For the rest, you have to keep in mind that there exist other means apart from the official media sources through which information circulates. For example, communication by word of mouth or computer flash drives, etc. is not 'totally controlled,' as you say. Havana Times is an example of this. There are many other people working extremely hard to maintain active, horizontal and non-censored communication." -- Telesur is an international channel based in Caracas.