Collector of 1,200 radio sets is subject of BBC World Service documentary (updated).

Posted: 23 Aug 2010

BBC News, 20 August 2010. "A youthful passion for all things electrical became a lifelong obsession for Gerry Wells, who has converted his home into a museum to accommodate his 1,200 old radio sets, says Nick Rankin of the BBC World Service. ... Gerry has transformed his childhood home into the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum, where he lives with 1,200 old radio sets. None of them is digital, they still work, and he knows their history." Download audio from BBC World Service Documentaries Archive.

Update: The Guardian, 23 August 2010, Elisabeth Mahoney: "This feature told his life story engagingly – Wells got into trouble as a teenager obsessed with all things electrical, stealing from bomb-hit houses in the war – and hovered over the significant oddness of the way Wells lives. I loved the bit where an equally peculiar couple wandered in: a bee-keeper and paper restorer, looking for someone to fix their television. Most of all, though, this captured a sense of a life from another era, and one lived intensely in a radio-filled nook."

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