Xinhua's CNC World channel should be popular once everyone sets their parameters to 6065MHz/3840MHz.

Posted: 22 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Xinhua, 17 August 2010: "China View from CNC World is a 20-minute daily English in-depth news program that brings global audience a panorama of what happens across China and face-to-face interviews over hot issues in China that interest people around the world. Global viewers can tune into CNC English programs via Asia-Pacific Satellite-6 at 134 degrees east longitude, with parameters set as '6065MHz/3840MHz.' The programs can also be viewed at" -- On Apstar 6, the (C band) downlink frequency is 3840 MHz. The uplink frequency -- which I don't think "global viewers" need to know -- is 6065 MHz.

The Irish Times, 18 August 2010: "China's state-run news agency Xinhua will open its first Dublin bureau later this year, part of a global expansion by the country’s most powerful media organisation and the propaganda arm of the ruling Communist Party."