The remarkable life of a British-Japanese shortwave broadcaster.

Posted: 22 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
The Japan Times, 21 August 2010, Barbara Bayer: "Ichiro Urushibara, a British citizen who has spent 69 years in Japan, has enough memories and amusing anecdotes to entertain people for hours and keep them coming back for more. ... His first attempt to break into radio came in 1955. It was thwarted by NHK. 'I was about to get the job when they saw that I didn't have a college degree.' Nonetheless, he was later welcomed at other stations and went on to work in both radio and television for more than two decades, much of it under the pseudonym Ken Tajima. Among his many stints were the news in English for Nippon Shortwave Broadcasting in 1957 and a five-year live disc-jockey-cum-talk show from 1963 in a booth overlooking Ginza for six days a week. -- Usually called the Nihon Short-Wave Broadcasting Company, this was a domestic shortwave station in Japan -- though often heard by shortwave listeners outside Japan. It's still on the air as the Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corporation.