Keep radio in the international broadcasting mix, he writes.

Posted: 21 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
The China Post (Taipei), 21 August 2010, John J. Metzler: "[W]hen the BBC cuts its Arabic service for Sudan as it recently did, the listeners there are deprived of an alternative voice and source of accurate unbiased information. In Third World countries, it's not like people can say, 'well there's no BBC, so let's go online and surf or even watch CNN TV or tune into Al-Jazeera.' In regions lacking dependable power and electric such alternatives are simply not an option, whereas radio is, precisely because it is cheap and available. While Western broadcasters are cutting traditional shortwave radio broadcasts, we actually should be expanding them to places like Islamic Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the myriad of other 'Stans' which emerged from the rubble of the old Soviet Union. These countries need fair, serious and balanced information to counterbalance a muzzled or constricted press." -- BBC did not cut its Arabic service for Sudan. It was taken off FM transmitters inside the country by order of the Sudanese government. (See previous post.) The number of places where radio is the only available medium for international broadcasting is declining. When television and internet are introduced, they tend to be more popular than radio.