Swissinfo steps up efforts to survive amid budget cuts.

Posted: 20 Aug 2010, 18 August 2010, Ellen Wallace: "Swissinfo, the multi-language Internet arm of Swiss Broadcast Corporation, is stepping up its appeal to the public to sign a petition intended to help it survive. The news and information site, whose global reach is greater than that of TSR (Swiss public television) or the Tribune de Geneve, according to web-monitoring company Alexa, is threatened by budget cuts that staff say will mean its death.", 18 August 2010, editorial by Ellen Wallace: "Swissinfo rose from the ashes of Swiss Radio International, a switch from an older media approach shared by other countries: Britain’s BBC, the US Voice of America and others. Moving to the Internet made sense, and swissinfo has proved its worth with strong traffic. A primary mission is to help the one-fifth of the Swiss population that lives outside the country stay in touch and informed. In addition, its reporters often offset skewered reports by journalists from outside the country who misunderstand or don’t take the time to educate themselves about how Switzerland functions—critical at times like the summer of 2009 when the US and Switzerland were negotiating their UBS treaty." See also, including petition.

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