Motions in wrongful death suit by family of murdered Radio Free Asia GC.

Posted: 17 Aug 2010

Washington Post, 14 August 2010, Keith L. Alexander: "Attorneys for the three defendants in the Robert E. Wone wrongful death suit are objecting to a request by Wone's widow to see the trio's phone and e-mail records, according to court papers filed this week. ... Wone, a lawyer who worked as general counsel for Radio Free Asia, was found stabbed to death in the men's home. The men said an unknown intruder came into the townhouse and killed Wone. No one has been charged in the slaying. [Joseph R.] Price, [Victor J.] Zaborsky and [Dylan M.] Ward were acquitted in June on charges of covering up for the killer and tampering with evidence. ... Wone's family, including his widow, Katherine, is suing the three men for $20 million." Trial date set for 13 June 2010. previous post about same subject. See also Who Murdered Robert Wone website.

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