BBC to West Europe: was MW and SW, is now television sales.

Posted: 16 Aug 2010

Broadband TV News, 12 August 2010, Ian McDonough: "The BBC began its European service as a mix of BBC One and Two into the Nordic market, over time evolving into what is now the five-channel bouquet of BBC World News, BBC Entertainment, BBC Lifestyle, BBC Knowledge and CBeebies. Localisation has become increasingly important for the channels that were broken out of the old BBC Prime. Local continuity for CBeebies in Poland surely a contributory factor for a 40% increase in advertising sales in the country against a falling market. Ian McDonough, who has just moved up from VP commercial development has just become BBC Worldwide Channels’ new senior vice president and general manager, EMEA, not unreasonably says he wants to continue that success. McDonough’s brief covers the all five channels, though programming and marketing for BBC World News is through a separate board, leaving McDonough and his team to handle distribution."

Technorati, 12 August 2010, Kaleel Sakakeeny: "The British Broadcasting Corporation, known the world over as the BBC, just launched its new travel site, part of a series of site revamps that will include other lifestyle features, and its timing may be impeccable. With its own legendary reputation as a highly credible news and information source , the BBC’s new travel venture now boasts Emirates Airlines, unarguably one of the top tier, elegant airlines in the business, as its key sponsor. BBC will partner for content with the well-respected Lonely Planet (it's owned 75% of Lonely Planet (LP) since 2007), and the broadcast giant's way to travel may have been paved by the Huffington Post’s recently introduced travel section, setting the stage for the BBC venture. is headed up by David Allen, a one-time NY Times Travel and Styles Editor, with a mandate to deliver first person accounts from the road"

The East African, 16 August 2010: "The BBC play writing competition panel recently visited Uganda and several other African countries in search of new talent. Winners, who are mostly unknown, up-and-coming playwrights, get a great opportunity for international exposure."

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