UK FCO report reveals "wide availability globally on the open market" of satellite jamming equipment.

Posted: 14 Aug 2010, The Bug Pit blog, 12 August 2010, Joshua Kucera: "The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office has released its annual Strategic Export Controls report, in which it reports on military exports over the last year. ... This year they had a case study on Kazakhstan, and came to the conclusion that the sale would be OK: "In 2009, an export licence application was received for military rated radio jamming equipment. In view of the capacity of the equipment to jam satellite broadcasts, this application raised concerns regarding Kazakhstan’s human rights record, including internal repression of the media, and freedom of speech. ... The technical assessment of the equipment revealed that, whilst the equipment could be used for satellite jamming, this would be technically difficult. The technical assessment also revealed the wide availability globally on the open market of a number of systems which could be used to jam satellites and which were cheaper and more effective at satellite jamming. It was therefore concluded that this equipment would not have been sourced for that purpose. In light of this assessment the application was approved because the goods were likely to be used for their stated end use and accordingly, there was no clear risk that they might be used for internal repression.'"

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