The international broadcasting of the Detroit International Jazz Festival.

Posted: 13 Aug 2010

Detroit International Jazz Festival, 11 September 2010: "Today, organizers of the Detroit International Jazz Festival (DJF) unveiled a unique concept to share the 2010 festival with the world on DJF's Jazz Planet tv – an interactive web experience that will stream via the internet live and taped performances, news flashes, interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary throughout Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3 - 6. ... Viewers everywhere – from London to Afghanistan - will experience the uniqueness of one of the world's largest free jazz festivals, how it blends urban chic and a hip and diverse audience with some of the best music on the planet. 'It will be fun, spontaneous, and capture the unique vibe of the festival that Russ Davis (Voice of America) described as "Jazz Disneyland" last year,' says Festival Director Terri Pontremoli." See also -- Russ Davis is host of VOA's "Jazz America."

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