In Russian heat wave, "the flow of information has stopped."

Posted: 11 Aug 2010

Slate, 10 August 2010, Masha Gessen: "[T]he disastrous Russian heat wave has exposed a key failing of Russian society: The flow of information has stopped. There is not a single newspaper that even strives to be national in its coverage. The television is not only controlled by the Kremlin; it is made by the Kremlin for the Kremlin, and it is entirely unsuited to gathering or conveying actual information. Even the Russian blogosphere is bizarrely fragmented: Researchers who 'mapped' it discovered that, unlike any other blogosphere in the world, it consists of many non-overlapping circles. People in different walks of life, different professions, and different parts of the country simply do not talk to one another." -- Sounds like a job for international broadcasting.

BBC News, 9 August 2010: "The BBC's Russian Service has been receiving pictures from readers of the thick smog as it makes its way across Russia." See also RFE/RL, 22 July 2010, "Heatwave in Russia."

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