Some want Al Jazeera and Russia Today off of Florida college television station.

Posted: 11 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Daytona Beach News Journal, 8 August 2010, Deborah Circelli: "Daytona State College's nightly airing of Al Jazeera English, the news network with Middle Eastern ties, is sparking debate among viewers and college board members over anti-American concerns and freedom of speech principles. A couple of viewers are asking that Al Jazeera English, a subsidiary of Al Jazeera Network, be taken off the air. Supporters say the network is often misunderstood and gives a voice to different perspectives. ... Some concerns were raised at Daytona State College at the end of last year, including by a soldier in Ocala who said the newscast was anti-American. The college in January temporarily replaced the 30-minute broadcast for a few days but officials put it back on because they said they received more response for the broadcast than against it. But Jerry Kenney, 58, a private pilot at Spruce Creek Fly-In who does production and cable programming work, sent an e-mail to college leaders recently stating Al Jazeera English and Russia Today, which also airs on the channel, have 'hate-America' messages. He wants both removed from the station and plans to take his concerns to the Sept. 16 board of trustees meeting."

Cogeco Cable press release, 5 August 2010: "Cogeco Cable today announced the addition of five new digital channels to its Ontario TV programming line-up. Starting today, the majority of Cogeco Digital Television customers can get access to AMC, the NFL Network, Big Ten Network, CosmoTV and Al Jazeera English. ... Al Jazeera English (channel 182) is an award-winning 24-hour news and current affairs channel. With more than 60 bureaus around the world, Al Jazeera English provides independent and impartial news for a global audience."