Canadian psyop in Afghanistan and its "counter-propaganda" mission.

Posted: 11 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Canadian Press, 8 August 2010, Bill Graveland: The Canadian "Psy Ops (psychological operations) tactical team in the Panjwaii district [Afghanistan] ... is not as much about military intelligence as 'influence peddling' -- a sales job aimed at getting the impoverished local people to accept the Canadian Forces. ... 'We don't like the word propaganda because of all the negative connotations about that but our primary mandate is influencing the population and influencing the enemy' [Sgt. Tyson Martin] said. Psy Ops might be considered an anti-propaganda unit, Martin suggested. 'Counter-propaganda falls into that as well. We're out there trying to sell the IO (Information Operations) messages, trying to influence and in return get information and when we do come across insurgent campaigns we're out there to formulate a plan to counter that.'"