Columnist is not free of confusion about Radio Free Iraq.

Posted: 11 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Chronicle Herald (Halifax, NS), 9 August 2010, Scott Taylor: "Although the U.S. had established Radio Free Iraq as a broadcast news outlet, they failed to use this resource to clarify breaking news stories. I can recall tuning in one day in the hopes of obtaining an update on a massive battle that was raging in the Shiite suburb of Sadr city. As U.S. helicopter gunships pounded the ghetto buildings, tanks rumbled across the Tigris river bridges and smoke billowed over Baghdad, the only thing airing on Radio Free Iraq was a lengthy interview with a U.S. military postal worker explaining how he prioritized deliveries to forward operating bases." -- I don't get the impression that Scott Taylor speaks Arabic. Radio Free Iraq, part of RFE/RL, transmits only in Arabic, and would not likely discuss US military postal procedures. Perhaps he was listening to US Armed Forces Network (AFN) Iraq, which goes by the name Freedom Radio. Freedom Radio, by the way, has a Facebook page.