BBC taken off four FM transmitters in Sudan (updated).

Posted: 11 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
Reuters, 8 August 2010: "The BBC's licence to broadcast in Arabic on local frequencies in north Sudan will be suspended from Monday, the government announced, citing violations by the broadcaster such as smuggling in satellite equipment. ... [T]he measure would effectively end FM broadcasts in Arabic by the BBC in the north. Sudan has often clamped down on local media but generally does not censor foreign news organisations. The government said the BBC had tried to smuggle in satellite equipment in a diplomatic pouch, that it was working in South Sudan without permission from the central authorities and that the BBC's charitable arm was working in the country without the correct permits. ... The BBC [said] the station would still be available on short wave, satellite or via the BBC website."

BBC News, 9 August 2010: "The BBC has a weekly audience of four million in Sudan." See previous post about same subject.

Update: Sudan Tribune, 10 August 2010: "The SPLM’s [Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement] deputy secretary-general, Yasir Arman, has criticized the Sudanese government for suspending BBC Arabic radio relays in north Sudan, accusing the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) there of seeking to 'control all media sources.' ... 'These attempts', says Arman, 'aim to render Sudanese citizens absent and deprive them of media and information sources so they only listen to the NCP’s media message broadcast by official media outlets and the majority of newspapers it controls.'"

Committee to Protect Journalists, 9 August 2010: "'Sudan has shown itself to be intolerant of any international attention, and this ban on BBC Arabic is merely the latest example,' said Mohamed Abdel Dayem, CPJ Middle East and North Africa program coordinator."