Her dream of an Israeli Al Jazeera includes "news as we see it."

Posted: 07 Aug 2010

Jerusalem Post, 3 August 2010, Brenda Katten: "Let us dream for a few moments – what could we show on our own al-Jazeera? Aside from presenting the news as we see it (how important this is) we would have the opportunity of taking our viewers into our hospitals, showing how in this 'apartheid state' Palestinian patients from the Palestinian territories, as well as Hamas-controlled Gaza, are being given full medical treatment. Palestinian children are given bone marrow transplants to beat their cancer and sophisticated life-saving heart operations." -- Or, instead of "news as we see it," Israel might consider news as news. That would certainly make an impression. Whatever we may think of the journalistic worthiness of Al Jazeera English, they are gathering video and telling stories from all parts of the world, including many areas neglected by other news organizations. Other international news channels will have to compete against that. Meanwhile, 30 and 60 second spots on other international channels, such as those about to be deployed by China, might cover the themes mentioned in her op-ed.

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