BBC World News anchor Nik Gowing on the growth of his channel.

Posted: 04 Aug 2010   Print   Send a link
The Financial Express (New Delhi), 1 August 2010, Sukalp Sharma, interviewing Nik Gowing, anchor of The Hub on BBC World News: "I joined the BBC 15 years ago when we had maybe five million people watching BBC World. In those days a 24x7 news channel was not something which people naturally thought about. In fact, my former editor at ITN said I don’t know why you’re leaving and going to a 24x7 news channel because there is no future for it. And he was wrong. We have now proved it with kind of figures that we have got and with the kind of reception that we have got. And there are a number of other channels that have arrived there who are also competing in the space, but our viewing figures keep going up. So I’m doing what I set out to do; it doesn’t come easy though."