Senate Appropriations Committee wants to keep IBB Greenville shortwave station on the air.

Posted: 04 Aug 2010

Glenn Hauser, editor of DX Listening Digest, spotted the Senate Appropriations Committee FY 2011 recommendations for U.S. international broadcasting. The committee recommends a budget of $749.2 million, $11.2 million below the BBG request of $755.1 million, but above the $733.8 million FY 2010 budget.

"The Committee does not support closing the Greenville Transmitting Station in North Carolina, or the request for expanded FM (including six additional FMs for Radio Sawa), digital, and new media efforts. While the Committee does support the BBG's efforts to expand into new technologies, the Committee is concerned that closing Greenville may be premature given the continued viability of shortwave in Africa, the use of shortwave for broadcasts to Cuba and Latin America, including surge broadcasts to Haiti, as well as Greenville's capacity to provide contingency and backup capabilities to the BBG network worldwide."

The committee also does not support "expanding TV Marti's transmission on DirecTV, or the request included under the Broadcasting Capital Improvements heading to expand and renovate the TV Marti studio until a strategy is submitted to the Committee, and the Comptroller General has conducted an assessment of the strategic plan."

"The Committee provides $114,614,000 for the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, $2,848,000 below the request. The Committee is concerned with the steadily increasing costs of MBN operations and the sustainability of this program."

Broadcasting Capital Improvements: "The Committee recommends $6,875,000 for Broadcasting Capital Improvements, which is $6,760,000 below the budget request."

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