As long as everyone understands that her remit does not include US international broadcasting.

Posted: 01 Aug 2010

State Department press release, 27 July 2010: "The State Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dawn L. McCall as Coordinator of the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) at the Department of State. ... McCall founded International Media & Entertainment Partners, LLC in 2009. From 1999 to 2007 McCall was President of Discovery Networks International, a division of Discovery Communications. During her tenure as President, as the senior executive in charge of Discovery’s international business, McCall managed a staff of 1,000 professionals worldwide and expanded Discovery Networks International from a single channel operating in a handful of western European countries to a portfolio of 19 television networks and new media products, offered in 170 countries in 35 languages." See also the IIP web page, which, perhaps in deference to the domestic dissemination prohibition, does not have a link to its, 29 July 2010: "Dawn McCall is taking a leave of absence from her role as the managing partner of International Media & Entertainment Partners, the international media consultancy founded by former Discovery Communications executives, to join the U.S. State Department.", 27 July 2010, Matt Armstrong: "Hopefully she will not only build up a now-very lackluster website, but increase the overall quality and capability of IIP so it can be the communication hub for the US Government. This will require effective engagement with the rest of the department, across the interagency, including Defense, and the Congress, who, unfortunately but not surprisingly have little real knowledge of the value and purpose of IIP."

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