BBC Urdu taken off 24 FM stations in Pakistan.

Posted: 30 Apr 2010

Daily Times (Lahore), 29 Apr 2010: "The BBC World Service is disappointed that 24 out of its 34 partner FM stations in Pakistan have been asked by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to cease broadcasting BBC Urdu Service’s news bulletin. The BBC believes that the 24 partner FM stations had completed all the required paperwork for PEMRA last October and called on the Pakistan authorities to allow the stations to resume BBC Urdu Service’s news bulletins so that audiences in Pakistan could have access to the BBC’s impartial and editorially independent news. ... The BBC will monitor the situation closely and continue to support their partner stations in getting BBC programmes back on air."
   International Press Institute, 30 Apr 2010, Barbara Trionfi: "This is not the first time the BBC has faced a ban on its broadcasts in Pakistan. In November 2007, the government of Pervez Musharraf banned broadcast of the BBC Urdu Service news bulletins. The ban was eventually lifted in May 2008 following a Sindh High Court order, after the current coalition government had come to power in February 2008. 'In a country where journalists are being kidnapped and killed, this ban on BBC reports adds insult to injury, emphasizing the government’s lack of appreciation of the importance of a free press,' said IPI Director David Dadge. 'The Pakistani government must lift this ban immediately, in line with the spirit of the 2008 High Court order and democratic principles.'" -- BBC World Service remains audible in Pakistan on shortwave and on 1413 kHz medium wave via Oman. See previous posts on 2 Apr 2010 and 28 Nov 2009.

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