Ears to Our World distributes shortwave radios to villages beyond the internet's reach.

Posted: 30 Apr 2010

WSJ. Wall Street Journal magazine, 29 Apr 2010, David Goren: "Thomas Witherspoon, 37, founder of Ears to Our World, as he picks up a small portable radio and quickly cranks its handle, producing a high-pitched, wobbly whine. Inside, a dynamo charges the radio’s battery. Witherspoon has taken his love of shortwave radio and filtered it through his experience in the corporate world, devising a strategy to help the most people for the least money. ETOW distributes wind-up radios to isolated villages across Africa and into Belize and Romania, providing listeners with vital information. His radios are also proving to be disaster-relief heroes in earthquake-devastated Haiti. ... Witherspoon says, 'We all know that the Internet can be shut down pretty quickly if someone really wants to. But you can’t take away radios. They can work in a hut, they can work in the open: Radios can work anywhere.'" See also

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