Confirmation of the new BBG members: indecision and uncertainty.

Posted: 28 Apr 2010

From sources: At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s business meeting on 27 April, the nominations of Michael Meehan and Dana Perino to the Broadcasting Board of Governors were held over without discussion. The other six members, including desnated chairman Walter Isaacson, were already approved by the committee. No date has been set for what had appeared to be a routine action. The BBG staff has proposed the first meeting for the new BBG members on 24-25 May in Washington, assuming they will be confirmed by the full Senate by then. But to add to the uncertainty...
   State Department, 27 Apr 2010, remarks by Secretary Hillary Clinton: "I’m also very pleased to have here with us Walter Isaacson, well known to all of you and someone who has just recently been confirmed to chair the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which I’m very excited about, and has been enlisted, and willingly so, to co-chair this new venture, Partners for a New Beginning ... [I]t is my pleasure to announce a new partnership between the State Department and the fittingly named Partners for a New Beginning, a group of eminent Americans who have answered the President’s call to join our outreach to Muslim communities around the world, by helping to engage the considerable resources, capabilities, and expertise of the U.S. private sector." -- Is Mr. Isaacson already confirmed as chairman of the BBG? More likely, Secretary Clinton is jumping the gun. Mr. Isaacson is "private sector" in that he will not be a full-time government employee as BBG chairman. Will his work for this administration policy initiative mesh with his firewall function at the BBG?
   National Review The Corner, 27 Apr 2010, Robert Costa: "Remember this? In January, Democrat Michael Meehan, a Martha Coakley aide, shoved The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack into a metal gate. A media firestorm ensued. Then, a few days later, Scott Brown was elected to the Senate. Meehan will be back in the spotlight this afternoon when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers his nomination to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. President Obama nominated Meehan for the post last November." -- As reported above, Meehan's nomination was not considered by the committee on Tuesday.
   New York Times The Caucus blog, 27 Apr 2010, Bernie Becker: "The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to consider the nomination of, among others, Dana Perino, a White House press secretary under President George W. Bush, to the Broadcasting Board of Governors." -- But didn't. See previous post about same subject.

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