No more NBC Nightly News on CNBC Europe, mention of "international distribution changes."

Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 27 Apr 2010, Philip M. Stone: "For expatriate Americans and for others staying up late who were into Americana, CNBC Europe had for many years the best daily American hour of TV starting at midnight CET with a half-hour commercial-free Tonight Show with Jay Leno followed by the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on the half-hour live – which did unfortunately mean with all the commercial breaks. Leno’s monologue and NBC’s newscast -- about as diverse but accurate a read on what America is thinking as any you would likely find within an hour on the dial. But suddenly Brian Williams is gone and Leno has taken over the entire midnight hour. ... [W]hat happened to Brian Williams? The best that CNBC Europe Communications Director Hugo Foulds,could tell us is, 'I can confirm that NBC Nightly News will no longer be carried by CNBC in Europe due to international distribution changes made by NBC Universal in the USA.' When pressed for details he said he didn’t know, but he would ask the Nightly News press office to contact us – which it hasn’t – and we tried twice contacting NBC Universal, but as we write this after 72 hours still no response from there, either."

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