Al Jazeera English recalls the conversation that led to the channel's creation.

Posted: 28 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link The Asia Blog, 27 Apr 2010, Stephen Cole: "I had flown here [Almaty] to represent Al Jazeera and chair the Eurasian Media Forum. It’s a forum with special significance for Al Jazeera because it's generally accepted that it was a casual chat at a bar on the sidelines of a previous forum that led indirectly to the formation of Al Jazeera English. Four years on and 180 million viewers later, it had obviously been quite a conversation. Just as Al Jazeera is designed to bring messages from the "South to the North", so this non-political forum is designed to promote East-West understanding through dialogue."
   Channel News Asia, 27 Apr 2010, S Ramesh: "International news agency, Al Jazeera, has been taken to task for not checking its facts in its report on the homeless in Singapore. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan stressed that homelessness is a complex problem and that the government will continue to enable people to be self-reliant. A video titled 'Government Policies Force Some Onto The Streets' was produced by Al Jazeera. It featured a couple camping on the beach, claiming that they had been homeless for nearly two years as a result of divorce proceedings. The government then made some checks and found a different story." See previous post about same subject., 26 Apr 2010: "Al Jazeera English has been cleared for showing disturbing and graphic video in a news report. [UK] Media regulator Ofcom reviewed the material concerning recent events in Nigeria."