CCTV's English-language channel becomes an English-language news channel.

Posted: 27 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"CCTV 9, China Central Television's (CCTV) English-language channel, switched Monday to become an English-language news channel with 19 hours of news broadcasts every day. The new CCTV 9 will broadcast in-depth reports, commentaries and documentaries, as well as news reports, producer Zhang Shilei said. It will increase coverage of international events with a particular emphasis on Asia, Zhang said. ... Launched on September 25, 2000, CCTV 9 has an audience of more than 100 million in 110 countries and regions." Xinhua, 26 Apr 2010. -- CCTV-9 was always CCTV's English-language channel, so apparently the change is to more news programming. If the channel ever identified itself as CCTV-9, is it still doing so? At the main CCTV website, clicking on English brings up China Network Television (CNTV), "a national web-based TV broadcaster." The English video reports available there, however, show CCTV News in the corner of the screen. Watching CCTV-9, or whatever it's called now, might answer the question, but I can't get its internet stream. -- Andy Sennitt writes from the Netherlands:"I just checked CCTV on the Sky platform. It is still shown as CCTV-9 on the EPG, but carries a new logo as CCTV News - and that was also the spoken ID at 1400 UTC. Interestingly, the preceding programme was Culture Express, a feature programme, so I wonder just what has changed, other than the name of the service."