New CNN International program will begin with tour of Shanghai led by a wise-cracking Chinese comedian.

Posted: 26 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link, 22 Apr 2010, CNN press release: "CNNGo is a new monthly show featuring a unique take on global destinations, bringing views from genuine insiders on what gives dynamic cities in Asia and beyond their distinctive buzz. Taking its lead from the digital, whether you’re a local, a business or leisure visitor, or even just a cultural voyeur, CNNGo delivers the best of each city by those who know it best. In the first show from Shanghai, that means hearing from some of the city's most influential and knowledgeable local characters. Beyond the usual tourist hang-outs, wise-cracking Comedian Zhou Libo gives us a tour of one of Shanghai's coolest old teahouses that once served as his training ground." CNN International also has a monthly program about tennis. Will viewers get into the habit of watching a monthly program? Daily, weekday, or weekly maybe, but perhaps not monthly. See also the accompanying website.