American TV networks, by not streaming, "are confining themselves into global irrelevance" (updated and corrected).

Posted: 29 Apr 2010

GlobalPost, 26 Apr 2010, Justin D. Martin: "I can watch Al-Jazeera live on my iPod Touch anywhere on earth with an internet signal, but I can’t watch CNN. I can view EuroNews in real time from my office computer in Cairo, but not Fox News. I can watch BBC’s Arabic network live in my lap on a Wi-Fi-enabled jet 30,000 feet above the Atlantic, but not NBC. American TV news organizations may claim to embrace the digital age, but this is studio-concocted nonsense. Not a single major cable or broadcast news network in the United States consistently streams their programming in real time. The only U.S.-based news network I’ve found that streams live content is Al-Hurra, the U.S. government’s news channel in the Middle East. ... The New York Times is the world’s global newspaper. The BBC is the world’s largest and most multilingual newsgathering organization. Non-Americans all over the world access NPR for its diverse global coverage. These outlets are industry leaders because they’ve seized the web’s capabilities for mobile content delivery. American TV networks, though, are confining themselves into global irrelevance. As the world’s digital news consumers come calling, American TV networks have barred the door." -- I am not aware of any live stream of BBC World News, and Al Jazeera English is available as a stream on Livestation for five dollars a month.
   Update: David Murphy in Germany writes: "I have livestation here in Germany, I can watch Al Jazeera (English and Arabic) and BBC World News any time I like without paying anything...perhaps they have some kind of regional differentiation." And he sends a screenshot to prove it.
   Justin Martin, author of article cited above: "Al-Jazeera has in iPhone/iPod Touch app that allows users to stream live content for free. I have it on my iPod Touch. Also, you can watch Al-Jazeera English online for free."
   Thanks for the corrections and clarifications. Here, on Livestation, BBC World News is listed as a channel after searching, but I can't make it work. As for Al Jazeera English, I made the mistake of following the "Watch AJE Live" link on the right edge of to try to watch AJE live. That actually points to the Livestation premium pay version on AJE. I should have clicked on "Video" along the left edge, then clicked on the "Watch the Live Channel," which requires Real Player. Or go to Livestation and find the free version of AJE. In the version, the video quality is rather liquidy. I have the luxury of watching AJE (and NHK World, RT, France 24, and Euronews) locally and terrestrially via MHZ Networks.

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