Turkey's new Arabic channel "will never use the language of propaganda"

Posted: 24 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
Qantara.de, 21 Apr 2010, Ayse Karabat interviewing Sefer Turan, coordinator of TRT's new Arabic channel At Turkiyya: "Q: Arab public opinion is suspicious of Arabic broadcasts made outside the Arab world, for example Al Hurra in the US. How will be your broadcasting policy help avoid similar suspicions? Turan: ... While we introduce Turkey, we will never ever use the language of propaganda; that would not be the correct approach. We want to show our country's industry, politics, culture and art, and leave the decision to the audience. Our viewers will not find anything that will disturb them or arouse suspicion. And our viewers love us, because they think of us as being one of them. Q: You also broadcast news. When you take into consideration the fact that democracy is not well developed in many Arab countries, do you think news may create problems? Turan: I don't think we will have any serious problems. We don't have an attitude of taking or representing sides. We will just present the story and leave the decision to the audience." "At Turkiyya" is yet another English spelling of the station's name. Does the channel have a website? By the way: "The Internet portal Qantara.de represents the concerted effort of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Center for Political Education), Deutsche Welle, the Goethe Institut and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) to promote dialogue with the Islamic world. The project is funded by the German Foreign Office." See previous post about same subject.