Lawsuit alleges cover-up of harassment and retaliation for views at VOA Persian News Network.

Posted: 23 Apr 2010

Politico, 22 Apr 2010, Patrick Gavin: "The law firm of Larry Klayman sent me the following notice: 'The Board of Governors, the Acting General Counsel and managers in the Persian News Network (PNN) of Voice of America (VOA) have been sued in a $150 million USD complaint for covering up rampant and widespread sexual harassment at the network. To make matters worse, the women who were harassed, and in particular, the principal anchor and star of PNN, Ms. Elham Sataki, were then retaliated against by the defendants when they complained of the sexual harassment. As set forth in the complaint, the reason for the workplace retaliation stems from an unhealthy culture of corruption at PNN, where anchors, such as Ms. Sataki, are punished for their personal political views in favor of more aggressive, pro-Iranian freedom news reporting, particularly during this critical period in Iranian history.' ... David Borgida, acting director of VOA Public Relations told POLITICO: 'We have a policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment. We abide by a serious and well regarded process to carefully review any such accusations and, of course, individual personnel actions are not matter for public discussion.' ... Who's Larry Klayman? The founder and former Chairman of Judicial Watch with a long history of filing lawsuits against the Clinton administration." See also Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily, 23 Apr 2010. "More aggressive, pro-Iranian freedom news" is, of course, not news.

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