Daughter of Che Guevara headlines "Freedom" themed Al Jazeera film festival.

Posted: 20 Apr 2010

The Peninsula (Doha), 19 April 2010: "The 6th Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival will open at the Doha Sheraton today with a strong presence of women filmmakers. This year’s festival is marked by the screening of at least 40 films by women filmmakers. ... Films from the US, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Esthonia, Austria, Columbia, Poland, Yemen, Japan, Kuwait, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE, South Africa, Canada, Senegal, Egypt, Mauritania, Argentina, Iran and India, Spain are showcasing their works."
The Peninsula, 17 Apr 2010: "Befitting the theme of 2010 festival - 'Freedom' - the list is led by Dr Aleida Guevara, daughter of revolutionary leader Ernesto Che Guevara, who arrived here yesterday. ... The festival jury is composed of 14 arbitrators from 14 different countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, India, Iran, China, Australia, Cuba and Mexico."
UANews, 18 Apr 2010, Jeff Harrison: "[A]n associate professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona ... Shahira Fahmy reported in a study published this month in Media, War and Conflict that visitors to the English-language Al-Jazeera website overwhelmingly support the network's decision to run graphic images of war that are important pieces of information missing from Western media."

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