BBC uses voice blogging to work around India's prohibition of news on FM.

Posted: 20 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
Mobile Entertainment, 20 Apr 2010, Tim Green: "Bubbly is a voice-blogging phone service that has been adopted by celebs and is now being employed by content owners to connect with mobile audiences. BBC News and BBC sports are among the most enthusiastic adopters of the tech. Indu Shekhar Sinha, India business development manager for BBC World Service, said: ' ... With Bubble Motion our audiences will now have audio access to latest, accurate and credible news.'" -- News is not allowed on the FM band in India, except from the government-owned All India Radio. BBC fare on private Indian FM stations thus consists of "infotainment." Voice blogging becomes a way for BBC to deliver audio hard news inside India -- unless this medium also becomes subject to regulation. See also