After insurgents tell Somali radio stations not to play music, government tells them not to not play music.

Posted: 20 Apr 2010

New York Times, 18 Apr 2010, Mohammed Ibrahim: "Radio stations in the capital of this near-anarchical country, still scrambling to comply with an Islamist ultimatum to stop playing music, were jerked in the other direction on Sunday when the government said that all broadcasters who had heeded that ultimatum faced closing. The competing warnings to the radio stations, a broader reflection of the prolonged struggle over who is in charge in Somalia, clearly touched a nerve of exasperation among the handful of independent journalists who have continued to work here despite many years of violence and threats."
International Press Institute, 19 Apr 2010, Nayana Jayarajan: National Union of Somali Journalists "coordinator Mohammed Ibrahim told IPI that the announcement had been made at a press conference for journalists in Mogadishu. According to Ibrahim, at least four of the radio stations are operating in government-controlled parts of the capital. ... In Somalia, where literacy rates remain low, and press and TV broadcasting have been left weakened by years of conflict, radio remains the dominant medium." See previous post about same subject.

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