Washington Times publishes VOA's response to the newspaper's editorial about VOA Persian News Network.

Posted: 19 Apr 2010

Washington Times, 19 Apr 2010, letter from Danforth W. Austin, Voice of America director: "You cite two recent 'cases in point,' describing broadcasts that, in your view, 'gave preferred treatment to pro-regime messages.' There is no preferred treatment of any messages in VOA PNN programs. Allowing a wide range of voices and opinions underscores VOA's commitment and adherence to a congressionally approved charter that requires programming to be accurate, objective and comprehensive. The two guests you selectively cited represent only a small part of what PNN offered its audience that particular week, and each has appeared on or written articles for a wide variety of media. ... In order to keep its people from seeing PNN content, the Iranian government attempts to block our Web sites and jam our broadcasts. And so we ask, would the government of Iran waste time and money jamming VOA's PNN if it didn't find the content objectionable?" -- Responding to Washington Times editorial on 14 April.
Heritage Foundation, 16 Apr 2010, Helle Dale: "Dealing with the accusations against the VOA[']s Persian News Network should be top on the new [Broadcasting Board of Governors'] list of things to do."
National Iranian American Council, 15 Apr 2010: "The Washington Times ran an editorial Wednesday morning accusing Voice of America’s Persian Service – which is currently jammed by the Iranian authorities – of being biased in favor of the very government that opposes its reporting. As part of the attack against VOA, Washington Times also made false accusations against [the National Iranian American Council]. ... Being unfairly maligned by the editorial team at the Washington Times is nothing new for NIAC."

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