Advice for broadcasting to Cuba mentions laptops, smartphones, and international airspace.

Posted: 19 Apr 2010

Miami Herald, 15 Apr 2010, editorial: The Obama administration "has the opportunity to energize Cuba's civil society. And technology, as we all have seen with the rise of bloggers like Yoani Sánchez and cellphones given by foreigners to Cubans on the island, can serve as freedom's portal. Short-wave radios were fine a decade ago for Cubans to get information denied to them by the regime. Today a new generation is poised to speak out and connect with one another with the help of laptops, cellphones and smart phones that can link them to websites and even to the U.S.-funded Radio and TV Martí." -- Are laptops and mobile phones really ready to replace difficult-to-jam shortwave for getting uncensored news into Cuba? We need an informed analysis of this before decisions are made.
Miami Herald, 14 Apr 2010, Frank Calzon: "Increase the power of Radio Martí to overcome Cuban jamming and issue an executive order for aircraft broadcasting TV Martí to fly into international airspace so that Cubans know what is going on." -- Broadcasting from ships on or aircraft over international waters is a specific violation of international radio regulations.

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