Controversy of the month involving VOA's coverage of Pakistani sports.

Posted: 18 Apr 2010

Press Trust of India, 14 April 2010: "In a startling revelation, Pakistan hockey team's sacked manager Asif Bajwa has claimed that the team deliberately lost its World Cup qualifying league match against Poland to avoid hosts France in the final last year. In an interview to Voice of America (VOA), Bajwa said Pakistan lost the match to ensure smooth qualification to the World Cup which was staged in India last month."
Express Tribune (Karachi), 15 Apr 2010: "Bajwa, however, denied giving the interview to VOA in which the shocking revelation was made — a day after a team member claimed that the secretary had forced the entire team to resign following the World Cup 2010 debacle in order to avoid media and public frenzy."
Dawn (Karachi), 15 Apr 2010, Shazia Hasan: "Referring to the allegations levelled by the Voice of America (VOA) on Wednesday that Pakistan lost their league match with Poland deliberately in order to avoid France in the final, Bajwa said that the news report in the foreign media was a part of a smear campaign launched against him since the World Cup debacle. 'I think I am getting to understand the correspondent’s vendetta against me,' he said while referring to the accusations made by the VOA correspondent who conducted an interview with Bajwa earlier this week. 'I never said we lost the match intentionally,' said Bajwa angrily. 'I only mentioned that our loss against Poland may have been a blessing in disguise as it saved us from facing France in the final. But my words have been twisted by the VOA correspondent who has been distorting my other statements in the past as well.'" -- And this follows a controversy, in March, about VOA's coverage of Pakistani cricket. See previous post.

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