Australia Network mentioned in news of ABC News 24 pilot.

Posted: 18 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
The Hollywood Reporter, 16 April 2010, Pip Bulbeck: "The Australian Broadcasting Corp. will pilot its new 24-hour free to air news channel next month ahead of a full service launch mid-year, ABC staff were told Friday. The channel, named ABC News 24, will run continuous and commercial-free coverage of breaking news stories from around Australia and around the world, on one of the ABC’s digital channels. It will draw programming from the national broadcaster’s existing news and current affairs operations, as well as developing new programs specifically for the channel, which will focus on world news, national politics and business. ... It is expected that some programming from the new channel will also feed into the ABC-managed pan Asia channel, Australia Network. Management of that network is due to be put to tender by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade some time this year and rival pay-TV news service, Sky News Australia has indicated that its keen to contest the tender."
ABC News, 16 Apr 2010: The ABC has announced that senior journalist Chris Uhlmann is joining its continuous news channel, ABC News 24, as political editor. ... Australia Network's Jim Middleton and ABC Online's chief political writer Annabel Crabb will also be contributing... ."
Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Apr 2010, Julian Lee: "Already one change has been made which could be the template for the future. The Moscow bureau now has a video journalist for a trial period instead of a full-blown correspondent, as it had in Scott Bevan. The ABC's new man in Moscow, Norman Hermant, who had been working for Australia Network, the ABC's free-to-air international satellite television network broadcasting mainly into Asia, landed on the ground days before the train bombings in the capital. The cameraman's position there had been scrapped and it was left to Hermant to document the biggest story to come out of Moscow in recent years equipped with something the size of a small digital video camera - or be forced to take footage from Reuters or Associated Press and do a voiceover."