Perhaps the real reason Al Jazeera English was taken off Singapore's SingTel: only 600 subscribers.

Posted: 18 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
Today (Singapore), 16 Apr 2010, Alicia Wong: "It was a 'mutual' decision between Al Jazeera and SingTel for the broadcaster to drop out of the latter's pay TV service. Its contract with SingTel was coming to an end, and in view of the low number of subscriber households, Al Jazeera saw the need to 'look into other avenues for broader distribution and accessibility in Singapore', the Qatar-based broadcaster - responding to enquiries from MediaCorp - said. There were only 600 subscribers to the service that was made available 'only as an "a-la-carte channel",' said the broadcaster. According to a former subscriber, a monthly subscription had cost $16.20." -- Presumably Singapore dollars, thus about US$11.75 -- still expensive. See previous post about same subject.