Georgia's Russian-language First Caucasian television channel "takes over for Radio Liberty."

Posted: 17 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link (Tbilisi), 14 Apr 2010, Sophie Tournon: "'Pervyi kavkazski' (First Caucasian) began broadcasting on the Internet in January 2010. Then, shortly after the launch of [Eutelsat W7] (via Baikonur), it was available to all the owners of satellite dishes in the Caucasus. Its coverage is wide, because it spans the northern and southern Caucasus, Russia and beyond. The advent of Pervyi kavkazski, also known by its trademark 1K, is part of Georgian State's communication policy, which uses television as a portal through which they project their worldview. ... About Pervyi Kavkazski, [journalist] O. Panfilov said: ... 'Pervyi Kavkazski kind of takes over for Radio Liberty. This television channel must spread liberal ideas in the post-Soviet space.'"
Civil Georgia (Tbilisi), 10 Apr 2010, translating interview with Georgian interior minister Vano Merabishvili as published in the Georgian daily 24 Saati: "Function of the First Caucasian is to show to the Russian-speaking audience reforms ongoing in Georgia, which is a real strength of Georgia. We remember that during the war in Abkhazia [in early 90s], Russia’s propaganda managed to negatively dispose one part of the North Caucasus people towards Georgia. Goal of the First Caucasian is to provide people of the North Caucasus with different, free point of view."