Australian broadcaster comments on Americans and American radio.

Posted: 16 Apr 2010

ABC The Drum, 15 Apr 2010, Red Symons, presenter of "Breakfast" on 774 ABC Melbourne: "It's currently a little run down and full of 'for lease' signs. The homeless lug so much stuff they need two shopping trolleys. The cars are skinny but the people are still fat and all Americans are just Germans who speak good English. ... The cars are now compact despite their passengers being non-compact and possibly German. ... In the end the way to listen to radio, and incidentally the only place I could find satellite radio, is in the car. Cable for your ears. After the first draining 100 miles and 100 spheres of conversation, conservative and progressive and Christian and sports demagoguery had exhausted me I went back to what I know and trust. America's Aunty. National Public Radio. We syndicate it on the ABC. It's more my cup of tea."

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