Al Jazeera anchor: "terrorism" is "resistance."

Posted: 15 Apr 2010

Interview with Joumana Nammour, Al Jazeera anchor: "Now, you say that Western networks don’t cover under-developed nations. But you certainly all cover major conflicts in the region. How would you contrast Al Jazeera’s coverage of these events from that of CNN, say, or the BBC? Nammour: The wording. We will talk about a resistance, for instance, occurring in Afghanistan – men resisting against an occupier– when other networks will often call them terrorists. Other times we will simply report on things they ignore – like the killing of young children in a small town in Gaza. But we also have our correspondents be from the location they report from. We see this as important. The West calls this bias, but how many Arabs are reporting for CNN in Washington?" Interviewed by Michael Wilner, Forum (Claremont McKenna College), 15 April 2010.
     The Al Jazeera English interview with Texas State Bpard of Education member Don McLeroy "is one of one of the more in-depth and fair I’ve seen on television, hitting the high points without the hysteria and fact errors that has plagued, say, Fox News' coverage. The piece ran some seven minutes — an eternity in TV. And the reporter treated McLeroy quite even-handedly." Brian Thevenot, The Texas Tribune, 15 April 2010.

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