Zambian politician laments continued unavailability of shortwave to reach rural areas.

Posted: 13 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting and Information Services chairperson Mwansa Kapeya has expressed concern at the collapse of ZNBC's radio one signal to rural areas like Mpika. In an interview from Mpika, Kapeya, who is PF member of parliament for Mpika and a former broadcaster who worked for ZNBC for 38 years, blamed the government for the corporation's lack of radio spare parts. 'Radio has proved to be the most significant media in disseminating informative and educative programmes to majority of Zambians. For the first time in the history of radio signal delivery in this country, large parts of the Zambian community especially the rural area has been completely cut off from knowing what is happening in and outside Zambia by ZNBC radio. In short, ZNBC radio has completely collapsed," Kapeya said. 'When broadcasting was cared for by previous governments, spare parts for radio transmitters were procured expressly to ensure minimum service outage. The short wave services have been off air since February 1, 2010 and as I speak to you the situation is still the same.' He said the government had neglected rural people who depended on ZNBC radio one." Chibaula Silwamba, The Post (Lusaka), 13 April 2010. See previous post about same subject.