AP: "We have more cameras than any broadcaster in the world."

Posted: 13 Apr 2010

"The 162-year-old Associated Press news agency, an American icon, has chosen London as the hub of its global television operation. ... 'I would contend that we have more cameras around the world than anybody else operating on a daily basis,' says Nigel Baker, the Englishman who runs the operation having previously worked for ITN and Sky. 'With major stories there's a high chance that the key images on all the major channels will have come from AP." That can include footage screened by the BBC and ITV. And yet, in an era when branding is supposed to be all, many people on the streets of Camden will have no recognition of the AP red lettering on the giant satellite dishes at the Interchange. 'We are not branded on broadcast screens because that's the way the broadcasters like it,' says Baker. 'So the majority of the public don't know that the images come from this organisation.'" Ian Burrell, The Indpendent, 12 April 2010.

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