BBC, VOA welcome in parts of Somalia not occupied by their detractors.

Posted: 12 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"Sheikh Abdullahi Abdurahman Abu Yusuf Al-qadi, the spokesman of Ahlu Sunna group in Central Somalia, has said that the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Voice of America could establish media centres in the areas controlled by the group. Ahlu Sunna was reacting to a ban imposed on the British and American services by al Shabaab, arguably the strongest anti-government movement in Somalia. Sheikh Abu Yusuf Al-qadi condemned the ban and confiscation of properties belonging to the BBC by al Shabaab. By the same token, the Transitional Federal Government has today condemned the banning of the broadcasting services. Dahir Mohamud Ghelle, the Minister for Information labelled al Shabaab’s act as gross abuse against press freedom. He called the media as entities rendering service to the public. He told the local media to feel free to establish broadcasting units in the parts of Mogadishu controlled by the TFG. 'We welcome the BBC and VOA and other media houses abused by the radical Islamists to set up stations in the parts controlled by the government,' stated Minister Ghelle, the TFG’s Minister for Information in Mogadishu. Through a statement from the information office on Friday, al Shabaab banned the BBC and VOA to broadcast in Somalia (parts controlled by the radical Islamists). The BBC was especially singled out." Abdulkadir Khali, The Nation (Nairobi), 11 April 2010.
     "Somalia’s western-backed government and pro-government sufi group Ahlu-Sunnah wal-Jama has welcomed the BBC to installed its transmitters in the areas that they control. The welcoming note from them may not of help because at least 80% of the control is under the control of Al-Shabaab." Garowe Online, 10 April 2010.
     "The Somali Media, Peace and Development has condemned Al Shabab announcement ... which it banned the radio stations from broadcasting British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Voice of America (VOA).", 11 April 2010. See previous post about same subject.