Pakistan's broadcasting authority orders Al Jazeera, Hallmark, Bloomberg, other international channels off cable systems.

Posted: 11 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"The notice ... issued to all cable operators by PEMRA [Pakistan broadcasting regulator] on April 6 (Tuesday last) enclosed a list of channels that had landing rights by PEMRA and instructed stoppage of broadcast of all other channels. Previously, PERMA has been issuing similar instructions but they were disregarded by cable operators as a matter of routine. This time, PEMRA officials, insisting that they meant business, raided and visited offices of all cable operators in major cities of the country and ordered them immediate shutdown of these channels. Cable operators were left with no option but to stop airing all these channels. The notable channels among those which were blocked are Al-jazeera, Hallmark, Bloomberg, Toon Disney, Baby TV, Super Sports, OSN Comedy, BBC Lifestyle, BBC Entertainment, MTV, MGM, TCM, Super Movie, America Plus, Cinema City. The cable TV viewers got a rude shock when on Tuesday night they found most of the popular channels off the air while initially cable operators cited technical reasons for their closure." Javaid-ur-rahman, The Nation (Lahore), 9 April 2010.