Draft media decree in Fiji proposes stiff fines, jail for violators (updated).

Posted: 17 Apr 2010

"The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’s News Director says proposed fines in the draft Media Decree could put most media organisations in the country out of business. The breaching of proposed content regulations could lead to organisations being fined up to half a million Fiji dollars or fines of up to 100,000 Fiji dollars and up to five years in jail for publishers, editors or journalists." Stanley Simpson, Radio New Zealand International, 9 April 2010. See also RNZI, 9 April 2010. Thanks to Barry Hartley for these and the following news tip...
     Update: "Fiji TV has confirmed that its head of news and news editor have been transferred to different departments within the company. ... Fiji Television denies it moved the two senior journalists because they were biased against the interim government and had links to a political party." RNZI, 13 April 2010.
     "Three Pacific journalists and journalism educators debate what constitutes 'responsible journalism' in the Pacific on Radio Australia’s In The Loop programme." Press release via Pacific.Scoop, 14 April 2010.
     International Federation of Journalists' "Sydney-based spokeswoman, Deborah Muir, told Radio Australia that travellers should reconsider visiting Fiji because of the military regime's 'strict censorship and hard line in controlling news reporting'." Mark Juddery, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 April 2010.

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