NBC turns to Al Jazeera for news from Kyrgyzstan.

Posted: 11 Apr 2010

"The revolution in Kyrgyzstan is an important foreign story for the US because of the US Air Force base there used to get supplies into Afghanistan and it appears the leaders of the revolution want that base closed. So if you’re NBC News with Brian Williams, the highest rated terrestrial US network newscast, and all you have in Europe these days because of cost cutting is a bureau in London -- not even in Moscow -- how do you get a direct report from the scene? Easy, you get the Al-Jazeera reporter on the scene on the phone for his on-the-spot comments. Now Al Jazeera has a tough time getting onto US cable systems because of perceived bias, but, hey, if it is good enough for NBC News then why not US cable systems? In fact ftm monitors Al Jazeera, CNN International and BBC World on a daily basis and while the US and British networks won’t like this the truth is more often than not it is Qatar-based Al Jazeera offering the most complete fast reporting on breaking news, and it just seems to have more people on the ground. In addition to the Al Jazeera comments, NBC got its Kyrgyzstan video from news agencies and it resorted to foreign affairs specialist Andrea Mitchell in Washington to do the voiceover. Really, is that how America’s leading newscast should be covering such an important international news story?" The Tickle File,, 11 April 2010.
     "In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Roza Otunbayeva, the self-declared leader of Kyrgyzstan's interim government, called on the country's president to resign.", 9 April 2010.

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